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Hannah talking with Naia and Ruby Sky
Exchanging breath with Sky
Peaceful conversation with Sage

Empathic Animal Communication

Empathic Animal Communication is usually considered to be a field of psychic work where a person is able to connect with a non-human, living and sentient being.  There are differing approaches but generally, the 'psychic' seeks to act as a conduit for the animal to communicate.


I do not consider myself a psychic as most would understand.  I do not speak with the dead. I talk with the living: the animals we love and share our lives with.  Furthermore, I do not offer myself as a conduit.  It is a very different process that I will explain somewhat in a moment.    

This is not something new to me although advertising it IS!  have memories back to early childhood of having a unique and hyper aware relationship with animals.  I have always been able to understand them, just as I would a close friend.  I was also a magnet for strays and visitors of all shapes and sizes, much to my mothers chagrin. From the wayward German Shepherd who visited for one day so I could help him overcome his fear of stairs, to the half frozen and abused cat who just desperately wanted a family to love her; my poor mother was subjected to them all.  Most she demanded be sent home however, a few stayed.  My Mother knew there was something unique about the way I interacted with animals although she had no idea just how different it truly was.

I was raised in a Christian home and initially found my ability to 'psychically' link with animals to be somewhat troubling.  My faith has only deepened since then however, I had difficulty reconciling my experiences with animals with how others experienced their companions. 

I prayed to receive understanding, from God alone, on how this was possible and, in the mean time, I kept my conversations to myself.  I did so out of fear. I believed that many Christian people would consider me evil or insane and, even now, I am certain some do.  Mostly, I was afraid that this was not from God. 

After much prayer and waiting I had a Biblical epiphany.  I came to a profound realization as I was drawn to a passage in Numbers 22.  In this passage a man, Balaam, was avoiding the task He had been given by God and ultimately Balaam, frustrated by Gods efforts to stop his disobedience, unleashed his wrath upon his devoted donkey.  As I reviewed this passage it ILLUMINATED for me.  I read it over and over, these words, "GOD OPENED the DONKEYS MOUTH and the DONKEY SPOKE".  It wasn't God speaking through the donkey or God speaking on behalf of the donkey.  No, it was the donkey.  The donkey spoke, and profoundly so.  (You really should read it.)


I began to understand that this may be what God is doing with me.  Although the purpose is quite different than it was for Balaam, the path is the same.  Furthermore, I was reminded of Adam in the garden surrounded by the animals.  Each species, he named.  Each species, he communed with.  Adam talked with the rest of creation.   I think that God created us in a way that we did and still can communicate with his other beautiful creations. 


Now, unlike Balaam., I am not being cruel and unlike his donkey, they do not speak to me audibly.  I believe God ALLOWS me to communicate through empathic means with animals that wish to communicate (and not all do).  I believe He allows this out of His love for His creation.  All of His creation matters to Him and so I listen.  

I still myself and listen with my heart. I see glimpses of images they want me to see and sometimes I even feel their emotions. Sometimes it is one word and sometimes it is a rapid fire steady diatribe.  Each animal is unique, just as we are.  

It must be said that these conversations require more than my 'say-so'.  All efforts to communicate require the agreement of at least three parties, God, the animal and me.  Sometimes God says no.  Sometimes the animal doesn't want to share.  Sometimes, I can't sift through the other mental noise to clearly hear.  

It is inexact but it is marvelous.  In moments when I am able to share a message that is so dear to the animal or so meaningful to the person, it is SO HEALING and JOY GIVING.  This is why I have chosen to stop being afraid and just be willing.


I do not believe this is MY gift.  It is meant to be shared.  This is Gods gift, He gives and takes away.  The glory is for Him alone. 

To request a facilitation, please email your request using the link provided. 



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