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Equine Assisted Wellness

The horse/human connection has existed for millennia. Horses have been our beast of burden, weapon of warfare, speed in the hunt, status symbol and currency.  For 6000 years they have lent us their speed and might. 


With the mechanization of society, the usefulness of the horse as our tool waned and slowly, we have become more aware of  their capacity as healers.   

Being a prey animal the horse is driven to connect, bond and communicate.  Their survival depends upon it.  It is their innate capability of reading and responding to human intention and nonverbal communication that makes them so incredibly able to offer immediate feedback.  They see us better than we see ourselves. 

In horse assisted wellness, we work as coaches to guide you through exercises with your equine partner to support you in progressing fro m a current point of pain or stagnation.  We work with you to achieve your goals.  We aren't counselors, we are coaches.  You set your direction and step towards it with your equine partner next to you. 

As humans, we can offer the horse little more than security, food  and affection.  In return, they give us their everything. 





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